1200-Calorie Weight-reduction plan: Is It Practical?

Reviewed by Brian St. Pierre, MSc, RD, CSCS

If Jerry Seinfeld have been into well being and health he’d ask, “What’s the take care of the 1200-Calorie food plan?”

(Thanks for the joke, Dad.)

However critically: If you happen to take a look at the caloric suggestions of many widespread weight reduction diets, you’ll discover that 1200 Energy is commonly the “superb goal” for ladies. (For males, it’s usually 1500.)

The 1200-Calorie food plan can also be a particularly widespread matter on Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram. Allegedly, even Kim Kardashian adopted this prescriptive food plan.

There’s nothing particular about 1200 Energy particularly. 

Nevertheless, all this hype makes an individual—or a involved coach—surprise about low-calorie diets normally.

Most significantly: Is such a low caloric goal secure and sustainable?

Within the following article, we’ll deal with that query, in addition to:

  • Why some folks don’t reduce weight on 1200–Calorie diets. (Trace: It has nothing to do with their thyroid or metabolic adaptation.)
  • The each day calorie goal that tends to stimulate weight reduction—and never insufferable cravings or deprivation.
  • 4 science-supported methods that assist regulate urge for food and starvation—so people can observe their meals plan for the long run.

However first…

The place did the 1200-Calorie food plan come from, anyway??

It’s thought that the 1200-Calorie Weight-reduction plan dates again to 1918, when Lulu Hunt Peters, MD, launched a ebook titled Diet and Health with Key to the Calories.

Dr. Peters writes in an entertaining method, which can be what led to the ebook’s lasting reputation. In 2005, the ebook was reprinted digitally, greater than 80 years after its preliminary launch and lengthy after Dr. Peters’ demise.

For instance, inside its pages, you’ll discover plenty of messy stick and circle figures, together with recommendation to “skip this chapter. It is not going to curiosity you within the least.”

Among the many ebook’s prescriptive recommendation, readers are cautioned towards consuming an excessive amount of animal protein, because it “makes the disposition extra vicious.” For train, Dr. Peters encourages ladies to brush their hair vigorously, “not less than 200 double strokes everywhere in the head.”

(Not every part from this ebook survived the check of time.)

Embedded all through is encouragement to devour 1200 Energy. (Says the ebook: “You can be shocked how a lot 1200 Energy can be if the meals is judiciously chosen.”)

Dr. Peters’ pondering—in addition to the pondering of at this time’s 1200-Calorie food plan proponents—goes like this:

  1. Most ladies want about 2200 each day Energy to take care of their weight.
  2. A pound of fats incorporates 3500 Energy.
  3. If you happen to devour 1000 fewer each day Energy than you want, you’ll lose about two kilos of fats every week. (As a result of math.)

Factor is, whereas the arithmetic is easy, fats loss is something however.

As a result of—fast reality examine—not all ladies’s whole each day vitality expenditure (TDEE) can be 2200 Energy. A girl’s calorie wants will rely upon many components, together with her physique measurement, lean mass, age, weight-reduction plan historical past, and exercise ranges.1

TDEE is perhaps a lot larger than 2200 for some ladies and far decrease for others.

In different phrases, 2200 Energy is a mean—and never a common quantity that applies to all ladies.

Why some folks don’t reduce weight on a 1200-Calorie food plan

Very low calorie diets can and do result in fats loss—should you follow them, persistently.

For a lot of ladies, 1200 represents about half the energy they should keep their weight. That’s sufficient of a deficit to result in weight reduction for most folks, together with people with thyroid issues.

It may even overcome adaptive thermogenesis—or the “slowing” of the metabolism after an prolonged interval of caloric deficit. (Colloquially, that is what some people name “the hunger response.”)

We learn about this due to analysis executed virtually 80 years in the past.

How your physique fights again towards the 1200-Calorie food plan

Within the mid-Forties, College of Minnesota researchers printed a research known as “The Minnesota Hunger Experiment.”

On this research, 36 males voluntarily semi-starved themselves for six months—all within the title of science. The lads ate 1570 each day Energy from meals rigorously portioned by dietitians. The meals added as much as half their regular consumption.

Apparently, their basal metabolic charges did drop—by a whopping 40 %—nevertheless it didn’t cease them from reducing weight. After six months, each single one of many males had misplaced about 25 % of their weight—no exceptions. 2, 3

Drawback is, semi-starvation is brutal. 

The longer you maintain such a extreme calorie deficit, the extra your biology fights you, turning down metabolism and turning up starvation and cravings.

(Your physique needs you to outlive the famine!)

Because of this, you could discover—as the lads within the Minnesota hunger research did—meals turns into all you discuss, take into consideration, and dream about.

Meals preoccupation grew to become so intense for the Minnesota males that they would typically lick their plates clear after meals, and even rummage via the trash for meals scraps between meals.

(Many of those behaviors persevered even after the research ceased. Examine alumni reported needing to maintain snacks with them always, so they’d by no means have to fret about starvation once more.)

Throughout sustained caloric deprivation, many different organic chemical substances get out of whack, too, resulting in extra complications, melancholy, nervousness, and chilly intolerance.

Plus, your means to pay attention drops, principally as a result of you possibly can’t deal with something aside from “WHEN’S MY NEXT MEAL???”

At this low calorie quantity, it’s additionally troublesome to devour sufficient meals to fulfill all of your nutrient wants, too. So, the danger of malnutrition goes up.

How the 1200-Calorie food plan usually fails

Due to every part we talked about above, it’s troublesome to devour 1200 Energy day after day.

As a substitute, what normally occurs: Of us nail their calorie targets some days, and wildly exceed it on others.

“Shoppers say ‘I’m consuming 1200 or 1300 Energy a day.’ That’s normally true-ish,” says Brian St. Pierre, MS, RD, Precision Vitamin’s Director of Vitamin. “They’re within the ballpark 4 to 5 days every week.”

On the opposite days, nonetheless, dieters discover themselves drawn to extremely indulgent, calorie-dense meals like…

  • An entire pizza, plus two beers (2200+ Energy)
  • A burrito, two margaritas, chips, and guacamole (2000+ Energy)
  • A gourmand burger with fries and a cola (1500 Energy)
  • Pasta with hen and roasted garlic from The Cheesecake Manufacturing unit (1910 Energy)

Even should you’re following your common low-cal food plan for a lot of the day, simply one of many above meals can push your each day whole properly above 3000 Energy.

A so-called cheat day may also add a number of 1000’s of energy to your weekly whole. Sure, you consumed 1200 Energy on many days—however your each day caloric common could also be north of 1800.

Relying in your physique measurement and exercise degree, which will imply no—or simply very sluggish—fats loss.

Even when weight reduction is occurring, folks’s expectations—particularly after they’re acutely depressing consuming 1200 Energy 4 or 5 days every week and assume weight needs to be free-falling off—can set them up for disappointment.

(Speaking to shoppers who’re pissed off with their outcomes regardless of claiming to eat a low-cal is usually a difficult, delicate dialog. For assist, try the 5 steps outlined right here: “Assist! My shopper’s not reducing weight regardless of claiming to observe a low calorie food plan!”)

3 varieties of shoppers who would possibly do properly on a 1200-Calorie food plan

We simply made very-low-calorie diets sound like the massive unhealthy wolf.

However the fact is, they can be acceptable for some folks like:

Small ladies: Somebody who stands 4 toes, 10 inches tall, weighs 110 kilos, and doesn’t train would possibly devour 1200 Energy to take care of or lose a small quantity of weight.

Shoppers adept at superior diet protocols: “If you happen to receives a commission to look a sure manner throughout a selected timeframe, you’re usually extra comfy with the tradeoffs,” St. Pierre says.

These shoppers—like weight-classed athletes, determine opponents, or celebrities—have a tendency to make use of extremely low-calorie diets as a short lived instrument.

Together with water weight manipulation (and perhaps some spray tanning/contouring and good lighting) excessive “cuts” can get these shoppers competitors or photo-shoot prepared.

After the massive day is over, they return to a extra sustainable calorie goal.

Bariatric sufferers: The 1200 Calorie goal may additionally make sense for somebody who must reduce weight quickly for well being causes. Dr. Nowzaradan—one of many stars of the TV present “My 600-Lb. Life”—famously recommends 1200-Calorie diets for his sufferers.

On this case, the individual ought to endure the food plan below the path of a medical skilled.

(There’s plenty of misconceptions round low-calorie diets. If you happen to’re fascinated with understanding how they actually have an effect on your physique, learn: Can consuming too little injury your metabolism?)

A greater solution to lose fats—and preserve it off.

One answer to the 1200-Calorie dilemma is counterintuitive: Bump your each day goal as much as round 1500 Energy, says St. Pierre.

(For males: Go larger, to round 1800, relying in your exercise degree and physique measurement.)

You would possibly surprise: ‘If I (or my shopper) wasn’t reducing weight on a 1200-Calorie food plan, how might I probably reduce weight by consuming… MORE? Shouldn’t I eat even LESS?’

Right here’s why it really works: By including only a few hundred each day energy, you’ll scale back the extreme starvation, cravings, fatigue, and meals obsessions that make it so troublesome to stay constant.

“It feels as should you’re consuming extra as a result of, on most days, you might be,” says St. Pierre.

“But, when you’ll eat extra every day with 1500 Energy, you’ll seemingly devour much less every week.” The chart under reveals how.

(Be aware: As a result of nobody consumes the precise calorie quantity—day after day—we’ve various the each day energy to make them extra lifelike.)

Aiming for 1500 Each day Energy Aiming for 1200 Each day Energy
Monday 1520 1205
Tuesday 1480 1180
Wednesday 1510 1215
Thursday 1490 1900
Friday 1515 3200
Saturday 1485 2800
Sunday 1505 1180
Weekly whole: 10,505 13,280
Each day Common: 1500 1811

Nevertheless, even after bumping up each day calorie allowances, some folks should still wrestle with intense starvation and cravings.

So, listed here are 4 methods that make sustaining a calorie deficit slightly extra comfy, and make fats loss extra sustainable.

1. Embody lean protein at each meal.

Protein takes longer to digest than carbohydrates or fat. It additionally stimulates the discharge of starvation and appetite-suppressing hormones like cholecystokinin (CCK) in addition to drives down ranges of the starvation hormone ghrelin.

Based on a scientific idea referred to as the protein leverage speculation—also known as “protein starvation” in lay circles—the human physique will preserve starvation and urge for food fired up till primary protein wants are met.

(Be aware: There’s conflicting analysis on this speculation… which is why it’s nonetheless termed a speculation—and never, say, a legislation.)

Eat principally low protein meals and also you’ll seemingly stay frustratingly hungry, despite the fact that you’ve consumed loads of energy. 4

(See our “What Ought to I Eat?!” infographic for one of the best protein sources.)

▶ How one can do it:

Goal for not less than 4-5 palm-sized parts of lean protein each day.

Attempt to unfold your consumption out comparatively evenly, consuming 1 to 2 palm-sized parts throughout each meal and snack.

Excessive protein sources embrace fish, shellfish, hen, turkey, beef, eggs and egg whites, cultured cottage cheese, unflavored Greek yogurt, tofu, tempeh, seitan, and protein powders.

2. Improve your consumption of non-starchy veggies.

If you happen to ate a complete head of cauliflower, you’d seemingly really feel as should you have been strolling round with a brick in your abdomen.

But, you’d solely have consumed 146 Energy, give or take.

Examine that to the half slice of pizza you’d get for a similar variety of energy and you’ll perceive why non-starchy veggies will help with fats loss.

Loaded with water and fiber, veggies provide tons of quantity for only a few energy.

Based on the Nurses Well being Examine, which tracked the well being outcomes of 133,000 folks over a number of many years: Each further each day serving of veggies (and fruits too, for that matter) was related to a drop in weight. 5

▶ How one can do it:

Step by step enhance your each day veggie goal over time, aiming for not less than 4 fist-sized servings a day (together with 2-3 cupped handfuls of fruit). This will increase the amount of meals you eat with out spiking caloric consumption, so you possibly can really feel extra glad with much less.

In fact, typically an order of fries or a slice of pizza is value it—sure, even as an alternative of carrot sticks or a salad entree.

Probably, one of the best meals are constructed with loads of greens and lean protein that will help you really feel full and glad and small to reasonable quantities of the actually scrumptious mouth-happy meals that deliver you pleasure.

3. Gravitate towards minimally-processed entire meals.

When folks scale back energy, they often lean exhausting into pre-packaged meals which are marketed for weight reduction, reminiscent of sugar-free pudding cups, packaged food plan bars, fat-free scorching canines, low-carb bread, and food plan shakes.

“These sorts of meals aren’t normally satisfying,” says St. Pierre.

First, they don’t style significantly nice, so that they usually depart you craving for the true, full-fat, full-carb, full-sugar deal.

On high of that, they lack key vitamins—particularly protein and fiber—that assist preserve starvation and urge for food in examine.

By shifting away from highly-processed meals and “food plan meals” and towards minimally-processed entire meals, you’ll mechanically devour extra fiber, protein, nutritional vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

Finish end result: You’ll really feel much less hungry and extra glad.

▶ How one can do it:

Begin by making small swaps.

For instance, perhaps you’re a chip-lover, and also you have a tendency to achieve for them (and attain once more) while you’re hungry between meals.

Now assume: What’s a minimally-processed meals that you simply like and would even look ahead to consuming, that you can preserve accessible throughout these snack-attacks, so you might have a substitute for chips?

Chances are high, that selection can also be going to finish up being extra nutritious and satiating—whereas additionally being lower-calorie, partly as a result of it’s tougher to overeat minimally-processed meals. (Not like chips! [shakes fist])

Sounds easy, however we’ve seen folks dramatically remodel their food plan over time with this method—with manner much less effort than individuals who merely attempt to limit their meals consumption.

While you’re prepared, you are able to do different swaps, steadily growing your consumption of minimally-processed entire meals till they compose most of your food plan.

(For concepts on the way to make these comparatively painless swaps, try this piece: Meal plans normally suck: Listed below are 6 higher methods to remodel your food plan)

In our expertise, most individuals can discover a wonderful steadiness between well being and pleasure when minimally-processed meals comprise roughly 70 to 80 % of their general food plan.

(If you happen to’re curious in regards to the many different causes highly-processed meals make you are feeling such as you at all times want MORE, try: Why you possibly can’t cease overeating junk meals.)

4. Add resistance coaching.

Often, weight reduction comes from a mixture of fats loss and muscle loss.

Muscle loss, nonetheless, is related to a rise within the starvation hormone ghrelin and the urge for food hormone insulin-like development issue (IGF).

Principally, your physique is making an attempt to take care of muscle mass, so it’s turning up starvation and urge for food to be able to nudge you to eat its constructing blocks.

Although energy coaching doesn’t one hundred pc remove muscle loss throughout weight reduction, it could protect most of it.

That’s key as a result of, in keeping with latest analysis, preserving lean mass could assist blunt not less than a few of the urge for food and starvation will increase people expertise as they reduce weight. 6

▶ How one can do it: If you happen to’re not doing it already, add a twice-weekly energy coaching session to your routine, following a program that targets all your main muscle teams.

(If you happen to’re simply getting began with energy coaching, take into account downloading our FREE 14-day at-home exercise program.)

The sincere fact: Some starvation is inevitable.

Anybody who tells you that you could “reduce weight with out starvation” is probably going making an attempt to promote you one thing.

If you happen to observe the 1200 Calorie Weight-reduction plan—or simply devour fewer energy than your physique is used to—your physique goes to toss up a starvation flare.

That mentioned, should you…

  • Barely bump up your general calorie consumption
  • Optimize your consumption of lean protein, veggies, and entire meals (whereas nonetheless permitting some “only for pleasure” treats so that you don’t really feel disadvantaged)
  • Incorporate common energy coaching

… You’ll have the ability to lose fats with out feeling exceptionally hungry and disadvantaged—and even preserve it off.

“You’ll really feel extra glad, you’ll mentally really feel higher, and also you’ll bodily really feel higher,” says St. Pierre. “You’ll be able to nonetheless make progress, simply in a manner that sucks lots much less.”


Click on right here to view the knowledge sources referenced on this article.

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