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9 Self-Care Habits for Busy Entrepreneurs

9 Self-Care Habits for Busy Entrepreneurs

Your life is a gift from God. It is infinitely valuable to Him; God speaks about this through all sorts of manifestations of his love for you.

The reason for our powerlessness, irresponsibility, problems in relationships lies in our inability to value our life the way God appreciates it.

On the contrary, by honoring the divine value of your life and starting doing self-care, you will gain protection and development.

Self-care begins with a cup of fragrant tea on a chilly sleepy morning, with the embrace of a warm, soft, and beloved home dressing gown or plaid on your shoulders, with a smile in the mirror and with distant cozy thoughts gently enveloping the voices of the morning birds and the gaze of the rising sun.

And no, that’s not a shame. And no, this is not a manifestation of the highest degree of selfishness or spit on others. Just the opposite. It is our most significant gift to both ourselves and to our family and friends.

What is self-care?

Any activity with the help of which we consciously invest energy, time, money in our mental, emotional, and physical health can be considered caring. In theory, everything is simple, but in practice, we often miss a lot. Proper self-care is crucial to maintaining a good mood and reducing anxiety. It is also essential so that we can properly build relationships with ourselves and others.

What cannot be considered self-care?

Perhaps it’s even more important to understand what is not self-care. If we have to force ourselves to do something and do not get joy from this, this activity can no longer be considered self-care.

Being an entrepreneur can indeed be a challenging job to do, but self-care is a more important job to do. Start with the most straightforward – sleep, relaxation, pleasant hobbies, going to the doctor.

Over time, you will find the rhythm that suits you and understand in what form self-care is most suitable for you personally.

Taking care of yourself is essential and necessary. It is proof of accepting ourselves as we are; this is respect for ourselves as a person; this is the foundation and content of our further growth and development. It is the basis of our relationships with other people and the expression of our essence.

It is an excellent opportunity to reveal all the inner potential and talents. And life is filled with meaning because this very meaning has long been inside us and is waiting in the wings.

Taking care of ourselves gives a person wings, the very ones that we are so eager to keep on ourselves, plunging headlong into love and clinging to new, unusual sensations.

She fills a void that would never have arisen without her. It gives us the strength to live and cope with difficulties.

Step-by-Step 9 Self-Care Methods of Busy Entrepreneurs

1- Take a deep breath

It would seem that something, but we all know how to breathe and do it by default. It is a natural process of the body, but the body’s physical and intellectual condition depends on how we do it.

Proper breathing allows the muscles of the body to relax, and the mind gets rid of anxious thoughts. How to do it right:

  • Sit back and start breathing through your nose.
  • Close your eyes. Your main task now is to concentrate on your breathing.
  • Take a deep and slow breath. You should feel a slight chill of incoming air.
  • Hold it for a few seconds.
  • Exhale calmly. Now you think that the outgoing air is warm.
  • Repeat this sequence of actions throughout the relaxation period.

As a result, your heartbeat slows, and your thoughts manifest. That is why, in technology, it is vital to focus only on the breathing process. Constant practice will teach you to relax anywhere and in any position.

2- Get the exercise to reduce stress

To feel positive, it is not mandatory to run a marathon every week or spend many hours in the gym. Even moderate physical activity helps – for example, regular walking upstairs instead of elevators and escalators. Any kind of exercise will help improve your fitness and reduce stress. But it’s essential to choose an activity that you like, not something that inspires fear. 

Doing what makes you happy will help you get used to regular workouts and make them part of your life. Besides, exercise helps :

  • Strengthen muscles and bones
  • Strengthen immunity, and therefore reduce susceptibility to diseases and infections
  • Lower the pressure to the same level as some medicines
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Increase your overall energy level

The benefits of exercise – improving physical fitness and general health – have long been known, so doctors recommend them as general therapy. 

3- Take enough sleep – take your time

Do not make the decision that now I will always go to bed early and get up soon. Do not wait until you get sick, do not talk about the miracles of magical awakenings at 5 in the morning, do not plan for the morning not done in the evening, but simply lie down and fall asleep. 

Adhere to the rule of three “no”:

  • Do not drink alcohol at bedtime. Its relaxing effect is misleading.
  • Do not overeat; An ideal option would be a glass of warm milk drunk before bedtime.
  • Avoid high-sugar caffeinated foods and drinks. They will pretty much spoil your sleep a few hours after drinking.

If you cannot sleep for eight hours, sleep at least four, but be sure to do it from half-past three to half-past six in the morning. This time is considered the most successful for relaxation.

4- Delight yourself with a delicious but healthy meal

A healthy diet can solve many health troubles, and the sooner you begin to adhere to the principles of a rational diet, the better. When we say “diet,” we do not mean a short-term hunger strike, which supposedly solves all health problems.

Here are the basic principles of a healthy diet:

  • Eat only when hungry
  • Keep track of calories
  • Eat small meals
  • Keep track of the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Avoid ready meals and fast food
  • Do not eat in the evening

Not without a reason, most of the US population is obese, because fast food has long been part of their daily lives for granted that it is already considered as full-fledged food as home-cooked food.

It’s never too late to try to change your lifestyle and eating habits to be healthy.

5- Spend some time with your loved ones

Spending time with family & friends is always a pleasure; this can help strengthen family relationships. Enhancing family ties needs to be given enough time, but this should not become something mundane and boring. There are many activities to help create happy memories and get to know each other better.

  • Have a picnic in nature
  • Make popcorn, order pizza, and enjoy a home movie watching.
  • Bake something together, co-cooking perfectly brings together
  • Have a dinner party, invite friends or relatives
  • Go for a camping trip with tents, songs, and dancing around the campfire

You can supplement this small list with your ideas, and enjoy warm cozy evenings with your family & friends.

6- Walk consciously and observe the beauty around you

Sometimes, if you look at the world around us through a curious child’s eyes, you can see how beautiful the buildings are and the fascinating routes that we usually do not pay attention to in a hurry. And if you now know the city from a bird’s eye view? 

It is an effortless and active meditation. It immediately returns to here and now, returns focus to the body, and causes a feeling of incredible gratitude for the fact that “I can walk and therefore go.”

7- Love your workplace

The place where you work is significant because this is where you spend most of your life. And you want it to stimulate me to act, to inspire movement and action. The rules for me in the desktop design are quite simple – this is minimalism, motivation, and productivity. 

  • Minimalism: Keep the table clean. The computer desktop must also not be cluttered.
  • Motivation: I know how vital visual reminders are to us. It will motivate and demonstrate progress to keep things fit.
  • Productivity: There are different things to increase productivity and efficiency. We need to experiment with them always.

8- Always Reward yourself

Come up with a reward. As soon as you reach the goal or take a significant step towards achieving it, celebrate it. You worked hard and earned an award. Dine in a good restaurant, take a little break for yourself, or enjoy something that gives you joy. 

These tips will help you to reward yourself.

  • Celebrate your success
  • Take a holiday
  • Call a close friend
  • Spend time with family
  • Go for shopping

Stop self-flagellating. Do not forget to reward yourself!

9- Take care of your mental health

If good physical health for many and many years is your primary goal, take care of your nervous system. Being an entrepreneur is very difficult to handle all the work stress, depression, and continuous workload. Self-care needs to take care of your mental health. 

Ways to Keep Your Mental Health

  • Solve Sleep Problems
  • Feel free to go to the psychologist
  • Eat yogurt
  • Do not abuse coffee
  • Catch the sun
  • Take your time
  • Avoid unnecessary information.
  • Break the relationship


And at the end, you know when – in an endless stream of affairs, tasks, and deadlines – you need to exhale and allow yourself to relax. You know that after a short pause, you will have the strength that will enable you to even more deeply “plunge” into the work process.