The OG EAA Complement Will get a Slick New Look in 2023

The OG EAA complement has been up to date with a recent look in 2023!

For years, BCAA dietary supplements dominated the “intra exercise” class within the sports activities diet house. It took a very long time, however ultimately, full-spectrum important amino acid (EAA) dietary supplements took over the business. Backed by much better analysis, most of us knew that extra important amino acids could be higher than much less, however no manufacturers may get them to style good.

Primeval Labs EAA Max

Primeval Labs EAA Max was one of many first corporations to make EAAs style nice, and now they’ve up to date the labels for a slick new look

One model shattered that mildew in early 2017, and after that, “EAA grew to become the brand new BCAA”. That model was Primeval Labs, and with their launch of EAA Max, they completely modified the complement business for the higher. With its arrival, the bar had been raised, and each different lively diet model was compelled to step their recreation up.

EAA Max Contact-Up Brings Ten Flavors in 2023

EAA Max is the complement that put the business on discover, and over six years later, it’s nonetheless working robust. Nevertheless, Primeval Labs determined to present it a touch-up in 2023, with that very same killer emblem and related branding from the 2021 replace. It’s now out and on show, with the identical nice method mentioned under, and ten complete flavors. We first noticed it within the Bitter Apple Sweet taste (and the up to date Primeval Labs Whey), however now it’s obtainable in all flavors.

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EAA Max Components

EAA Max is considerably completely different out of your typical BCAA-only intra exercise you often see pedaled across the business. In addition to the gold commonplace 5g BCAA dose, EAA Max additionally incorporates a full complement of important amino acids, hydration aids, and endurance boosters to supply a product that really does improve exercise efficiency and muscle constructing.

  • BCAA 2:1:1 – 5g

    Primeval Labs EAA Max Ingredients

    EAA Max features a full spectrum of BCAAs and EAAs to help muscle endurance AND muscle development throughout your most intense exercises.

    Primeval begins off EAA Max the research-backed ratio of two:1:1 BCAAs, which supplies you with 2.5g of Leucine, 1.25g of Isoleucine, and 1.25g of Valine.

    Leucine is well-known as the first stimulator of the mTOR pathway within the physique,[1] retaining you anabolic (in muscle-building mode) throughout your exercises. This helps spur muscle development with out having to devour limitless quantities of protein. Plus, BCAA consumption additionally helps velocity restoration and stop the onset of muscle soreness, often known as DOMS.[2,3]

  • Important Amino Acids

    Now comes the half the place Primeval Labs kicked 99% of the business to the curb — the different important amino acids present in full proteins, however not present in commonplace BCAA-only drinks:

    • L-Lysine HCl – 300mg

      L-Lysine is a vital part within the manufacturing of carnitine — a compound utilized by the physique for changing fats to usable power and ldl cholesterol degree regulation. In EAA Max, lysine aids in muscle protein synthesis, calcium absorption, and restoration.[4,5]

    • L-Threonine – 225mg

      Threonine is ɑ-amino acid essential for the development of proteins. Particularly, threonine is required for the synthesis of glycine and serine, which is then used to stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS) within the physique.[6]

    • L-Phenylalanine – 200mg

      Phenylalanine is a precursor to Tyrosine that’s subsequently transformed different stronger neurotransmitters together with the likes of epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and L-Dopa. These 3 highly effective neurotransmitters enhance temper and power, each of which will probably be wanted throughout intense exercises.[7]

    • L-Tryptophan – 50mg

      Primeval Labs Logo

      Loving this new Primeval Labs emblem!

      Tryptophan is a welcome ally throughout powerful exercises because it will increase ache tolerance ranges. Moreover, this important amino acid boosts general temper.

      Don’t get scared about the entire “tryptophan makes you drained” Thanksgiving nonsense. Simply because it will increase serotonin doesn’t imply it’ll make you drained in the course of the day – particularly when in Ape Sh*t exercise mode!

      And simply so you understand, 3oz of turkey has 250-300mg tryptophan, so that is only a small dose to ensure it doesn’t bottleneck your physique’s organic reactions which may be requiring it.

    • L-Histidine – 25mg

      Primeval Labs Whey 2023 New Flavors

      Primeval Labs Whey has launched in six daring new flavors. It is a pure WPC-80 (80% Whey Protein Focus) product with digestive enzymes added!

      In the event you’re a beta alanine consumer, then pay attention up! We’ve repeatedly seen that beta alanine boosts endurance by rising ranges of the intracellular buffer carnosine, however beta alanine is just one half of the carnosine “equation”.

      In an effort to type carnosine, beta alanine should bind to histidine in skeletal muscle. Histidine deficiency prevents satisfactory carnosine manufacturing,[8] which results in lower than optimum endurance. Level being, if you wish to notice the advantages of beta alanine, be sure you’re getting sufficient histidine as nicely, both by way of complete meals or supplementation!

    • L-Methionine – 20mg

      Methionine is before everything an antioxidant which helps stop the unfold of free radicals and oxidative harm introduced on by intense durations of coaching. It additionally features as a precursor to the amino acids L-Taurine and L-Cysteine, each of which assist efficiency.

  • Muscular Vitality & Nutrient Supply

    Whereas Primeval Labs Intracell 7 is the increased carb intra exercise assist, EAA Max has simply sufficient to present a lift, drive the EAAs in, and make the flavour so good:

    • Cluster Dextrin – 2g

      Primeval Labs EAA Max 2023

      Meet the brand new Primeval Labs EAA Max labels!

      Cluster Dextrin is the patented type of extremely branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD),the preferred intra exercise carbohydrate within the sports activities diet business.

      HBCD is created from the the breakdown of amylopectin. It has a low osmolality and excessive molecular weight, which implies it passes by way of the abdomen insanely quick, however doesn’t result in any “heavy” feeling or GI upset.[9]

      That is precisely what you need for an intra exercise carb. HBCD is out and in of the abdomen rapidly, and onto the small gut, together with the remainder of the amino acids in EAA Max, which imply quicker absorption into the bloodstream and into your muscle the place it helps lengthen endurance, offset DOMS, and enhance pumps![10,11]

      Now clearly 2g isn’t going to do a lot, nevertheless it’s right here for a cause — as a shuttling agent, particularly for the D-Ribose subsequent. Observe that that is nonetheless low sufficient for you low-carbers, as 2 grams gained’t devastate all however the craziest peoples’ plans.

    • D-ribose – 500mg

      Ribose is a sugar generated within the physique from glucose. D-Ribose is a supplemental type of the sugar that when ingested combines with adenine to type ATP, the first element of mobile power. Ribose is commonly bought to reinforce power (particularly in “sluggish” individuals with poor diets), however isn’t usually in intra exercise dietary supplements the place extra power may very well be used. Primeval Labs innovated nicely with this addition.

      Adenosine Triphosphate ATP Structure

      The blue, beige, and inexperienced shaded areas, taken collectively, comprise all the ATP molecule – with Ribose smack dab within the center. The chemical bonds between phosphate teams, indicated in crimson, are the excessive power bonds that launch free power when subjected to hydrolysis. Observe the shut proximity of the negatively charged oxygen ions throughout the phosphate teams. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia.

      Throughout intense train, ATP ranges get quickly depleted as a result of calls for positioned on the muscle. D-Ribose has been proven to be extraordinarily efficient in quickly replenishing ATP shops following exhaustive bouts of train.[12,13]

      This is among the extra distinctive components right here, and different intra exercise dietary supplements have copied the concept since EAA Max first launched. Nevertheless, every time manufacturers attempt to go too excessive on the dosage, we’ve discovered that GI misery happens. Preserving the dose at 500 milligrams avoids all GI misery however offers a contact of an ATP increase for everybody coaching.

On the Method

As you observed, EAA Max incorporates considerably greater than only a easy 2:1:1 ratio — there’s additionally a full EAA profile, which makes it a way more efficient product moderately than simply offering muscular power from BCAA’s. We requested Primeval what was the driving drive / inspiration for this specific method, to which they responded:

“We actually wished to ship a high quality EAA to the market that each delivered in method, because it ought to, and in style as we all know clients usually drink Amino formulation all day.”

— Primeval Labs, 2017


Primeval fanatics have been clamoring for fairly some time for an amino acid product and the straightforward truth of the matter was that the model wished to do one thing actually efficient and not simply copy the remainder of the business.

EAA Max comes within the following flavors:

Primeval Labs Intracell 7

Primeval Labs Intracell 7 got here again in 2022, and the carb-loaded performance-based intra-workout complement has a brand new Gummy Bear taste with it!

Two intras from Primeval

So now you’ve Intracell 7 Black and EAA Max. They can be stacked collectively in case you have the funds, however we expect this is a little more of a “one or the opposite” scenario. In order for you extra carbs, go along with Intracell 7 Black. In any other case, EAA Max is the best-seller with essentially the most flavors.

Years later, EAA Max remains to be among the best tasting (if not the greatest tasting) EAAs

Years in the past, sports activities complement business pundits shunned full-spectrum EAAs for 2 causes:

  1. They had been making an excessive amount of cash promoting BCAA dietary supplements
  2. They weren’t expert sufficient to taste the opposite EAAs
Primeval Labs EAA Max Sour Apple Candy

The up to date take a look at Primeval Labs kicks off with the brand new EAA Max Bitter Apple Sweet taste!

Primeval Labs shook issues up, selling EAAs in a time when everybody else was struggling to give you the following fancy BCAA taste. EAA Max doesn’t have essentially the most large doses of each amino like tryptophan (these could be present in Intracell 7), nevertheless it leaves fewer muscle-building bottlenecks, supplies glorious exercise power, and nonetheless tastes unbelievable.

Primeval Labs has developed a very efficient intra exercise complement that not solely boosts endurance and reduces soreness, but additionally supplies sufficient supporting components to reinforce pure muscle development. And a few individuals merely wished an intra exercise that didn’t have tons of blood sugar spiking carbs, however did have extra than simply BCAAs. If that’s you, then you definitely’ve obtained it after which some, and we’ve solely seen an increasing number of flavors come out through the years.

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Posts are sponsored partly by the retailers and/or manufacturers listed on this web page.

Observe: This text was initially revealed on April 26, 2017 and up to date on October 12, 2021 and Might 4th, 2023 with the brand new labels.